People continued to pour through the streets Thursday night, marching all across downtown Grand Rapids holding signs and chanting things like, "this is what democracy looks like."

Many Grand Rapids Police officers patrolled the area to make sure the protest remained peaceful.

"We are very pleased with the overall outcome of yesterday's event," GRPD's Sgt. Terry Dixon said.

Although emotions ran high Thursday night, no one walked away in handcuffs as a result of the protest.

"We want to ensure that people can gather publicly in a safe matter and the good thing is that yesterday's event was exactly that. It was safe," Dixon said. "Our overall goal was to keep everyone involved safe, that includes the pedestrians, traffic, the motoring traffic, we had a lot of people downtown."

But in any case, Dixon says GRPD is prepared for any situation.

"We have to employ contingency plans. We never know when something will take place some type of a large disturbance, but we are prepared for situations that may occur whether planned or unplanned," Dixon said.

"Our citizens here in Grand Rapids, they know how to behave. They may want to publicly assemble and share how they're feeling about whatever event or issue it is and that's a great thing, that's what America is about. But fortunately here, we know how to assemble and gather peacefully to demonstrate."

There are two more #NotMyPresident protests, one is Saturday at Rosa Parks Circle from 5 until 9. The second is in Muskegon on Sunday at the Frauenthal Center at noon.