One major gun manufacturer says the approaching election is triggering sales.

Sturm Ruger and Company, a major gun manufacturer, reported about $161 million in earnings over the third quarter, that's compared to $120 million in the same time last year.

The company did list a number of reasons attributing to the spike, including the political campaigns for next week's election.

Employees at a local gun shop WZZM 13 spoke to say they certainly have seen a steady increase.

"Yes, we have seen an increase here," Jake Lowing with Bachelder Master Gunmakers said. "Anytime there's an election political turmoil, we see something. The thing that we cater most towards is the shooting sports in general which have been on a general increase over the last decade."

Lowell says there was no real way to prepare for the uptick, but they did anticipate it.

So where do our presidential candidates stand on gun laws?

Donald Trump says if elected he would defend the second amendment and empower law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves.

Hillary Clinton says if elected she would expand background checks and support work that would keep military-style weapons off the streets.