With warmer weather in close sight, many of us have exercise goals that we are keen to meet. But are you sabotaging your fitness goals with common mistakes?

Not keeping an exercise chart or journal
Keeping records not only tells you how far you've come, but when it's time to move on to a new level of activity. Marking improvements in your heart rate can also provide motivation to keep pushing yourself.

Not writing down goals
Studies have shown that people who write out short and long-term goals accomplish more them. It's all about keeping yourself accountable.

Strength-training the same muscles back-to-back
This is a no-no. Give yourselves one to two days of rests for the same muscle groups so that they can properly recover and grow the way you'd like them to.

Holding your breath
Always breathe! Proper breathing is almost important as having proper form. You should be exhaling as you lift and inhaling as you lower weight.

Not eating enough protein
It's important for those who have weight loss or toning goals to engage in cardio, strength-training and low-calorie diet that's also high in protein. More protein enhances the effects of your workouts and decreases fat without muscle loss.

Working out while distracted
Reading or watching complex television shows or movies can actually slow down your pace during a workout. If you prefer to listen to watch anything, stick to energetic music or short sitcoms. Be sure to place the screens at eye level for better performance.

Not getting a well-rounded workout in
You can't ignore flexibility or balance training, even if your end goal doesn't implicitly include either, both are key to overall fitness and health.

Information provided by MedlinePlus and the National Library of Medicine. For exercise and physical fitness news, click here.

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