Long sleeves on summer days and pants when it’s hot outside. Eczema, it’s a condition that most people try to hide. But there is relief and it doesn’t always have to come from your pharmacist. In fact some naturopathic doctors believe prescription medication can do more harm, than good.

Many doctors prescribe patients, of all ages, hydrocortisone to calm the skin irritation. Seattle Naturopathic doctor Jon Harris says he strongly recommends against using hydrocortisone. “It makes it go away on the skin we found out that it comes out someplace else in the body. The most common place is comes out is in the lungs and comes out as asthma which is deeper and more difficult to treat,” says Doctor Harris. Doctor Harris says it can also lead to problems in the gut, like irritable bowel syndrome.

He suggests turning to your kitchen cabinet for a cure. “I like raw honey that hasn't been heated, what it has in it is enzymes and antibacterial agent as well as it seems to be very helpful for healing wounds,” says Dr. Harris. He says honey is so powerful for healing that if you chopped the tip of your finger off, it will help it to regrow.

Coconut and Shea Butter can keep the eczema moist, which prevents it from cracking and bleeding. For another cure, Dr. Harris says head back into the kitchen and grab the oatmeal. “What the oatmeal can do is absorb whatever toxin the body is trying to get out and help the body do it better” explains Harris.

A quick search of the internet you find a lot of eczema creams and ointments on the market - doctor Harris says it's always cheaper and safer to start healing from home.