A Wyoming woman says vehicles exiting the ramp near her home keep driving into her backyard and causing damage.

In one case, someone was killed.

"I mean, it's dangerous out here if they don't put up a wall or something", says Karen Vawter, referring to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Vawter and her husband moved to the home in 1993. Their home sits just off the ramp from southbound U.S. 131 to 28th Street.

The Vawters say their has been a half-dozen accidents. One as recently as October, and another involved a fatality in 2008. Their house is the only one hit when drivers come around the curve.

Vawter says people need to slow down, but she also thinks MDOT should put up a wall; like the one on the other side of 28th Street.

"Just something to stop the vehicles, even a cement wall along here," she said.

The 13 Watchdog team contacted MDOT about the issue. Spokesperson John Richard says they can't control how fast people take the exit, but they can look at other ways to deal with the problem.

In the meantime, Vawter says she worries about herself and her grandchildren being in the backyard.

“Something's got to be done before somebody innocent gets killed," Vawter said.