The WZZM 13 Watchdog team fact checked some of the claims made by Donald Trump during his rally Monday, Oct. 31, at the DeltaPlex.

Here is what we found:

First, Trump claimed to be winning all over the place, including Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina and Florida. In reality, Clinton is leading in the polls in North Carolina.

He also forecasted that he will win Michigan, despite being down in the polls.

Trump then brought up the presence of voter fraud, saying that 1.8 million registered voters are deceased while another 2.75 million are registered in two states. He got these numbers from this Pew Center report, but these numbers were not labeled as signs of voter fraud.

Instead, they were used as evidence that the voter process needs to be updated, as people die and move states. These numbers are not a clear indication of widespread voter fraud.

According to the presidential candidate, we are living through the greatest job theft in history. He sighted Ford's granting of 2,500 jobs to Mexico as evidence of this job theft.

But this move actually did not take any jobs from Americans: a Ford factory in Wayne, Mich. will remain fully staffed at 3,700 workers.

Lastly, Trump said the veteran suicide rate is 22 per day. This is a statistic he has been corrected previously, but he continues to use -- the correct statistic is 20 each day.