A gender discrimination lawsuit filed by the former lead attorney at Hope Network against her former employer has been dismissed in U.S. District Court.

Allison Reuter sued Hope Network alleging an equal pay violation and sex discrimination because her successor was paid more than she was paid while she was employed.

Reuter left the non-profit organization as its lead counsel in January 2015.

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Reuter indicated in the lawsuit she was hired by Hope Network in 2008 at a salary of $100,000. She indicates her male successor was hired in 2015 for her position earning $150,000.

She stopped the lawsuit after learning Hope Network had also offered her position to a female attorney at a higher rate of pay.

"Had we known about the offer months ago, I likely would not have pursued the lawsuit," Reuter wrote in an e-mail to us.

“This lawsuit should never have been filed," Hope Network President & CEO Phil Weaver wrote in a prepared statement. "Hope Network is an excellent, ethical organization. It goes without saying that we are extremely disappointed that we have had to waste time, energy and money to publicly confirm that we did not violate any laws, and that we value men and women equally.

"We will continue to focus on our mission to serve each of our consumers with dignity and compassion to encourage individuals to achieve their maximum abilities and outcomes.”

Late last year, Hope Network's attorneys responded to the lawsuit and indicated: "Defendants deny they have committed any wrongdoing."

"Plaintiff's gender played no role whatsoever in the determination of her salary," the defense attorneys wrote.