Whichever candidate wins the presidential election, Republican and Democratic leaders in Kent County are optimistic the country will rally around the new leader.
Kent County Democrats watching the election night returns at the Mitten Brewery in Grand Rapids were hopeful Hillary Clinton would pull out a victory. Her supporters believe she can unite the country divided by the bruising campaign.

“I think Hillary Clinton has demonstrated she is a leader and she can lead people and our country forward,” said party leader Traci Kornak.

Kent County Republicans gathered at Peppino’s Restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids to follow the election returns.

Many in the country object to comments Trump has made about Hispanics, African Americans, people with disabilities and women.

Kent County Republican Party chairman John Inhales is hopeful people can rally around Trump if he becomes President.

“Here is my take on it as a citizen,” he says. “We don’t have any choice. As Americans we have to come together for the best interest of our country and we are all better than the rhetoric that goes on between two candidates during an election cycle.”