This holiday season when you're thinking about what to give to a charity organization, how about a little bit of space? Lakeshore Toys for Toys is in desperate need for more space for storage.

"Every dollar that I get, 98 cents of it goes for toys nothing for overheard, not for paying for rent, every donation that people give me it goes for a toy," Gunnery Sergeant Edward Lopez said.

Its a task he hopes to continue, but he's found himself in a predicament he hasn't been in 20 years.

"We're at the pinch point now. At the end of this month there won't be no warehouse space. My options are very limited of where I'm going to be at on the 31st of December," Lopez added.

The space Lakeshore Toys for Tots has used over the last 15 years is being rented out to a new business effective January first.

"Donations are always coming in and at the national level there is no warehouse space. So they go to the local coordinators and go, 'Whose got space to house the toys that keep coming through the year'?"

"So we'll have no where to go with the toys that are going out and coming in and it's going to be a huge dilemma," Lopez added.

A problem they're hoping someone in the community will help solve as they search for 3000-5000 square feet to use.

"We're coming down to crunch time. Only got a couple more weeks and like I said, I do not have a home to go to."

Sergeant Lopez said they're looking for at least three thousand square feet, a heated building would be nice but it isn't necessary. If you have space they can utilize, you're urged to contact them as soon as possible at or 1 800 518-0933.