Ulmer, SC (WLTX) The other drivers talk about how well he drives.

The sport, mud bogging, is designed to test the skill of the driver along with the horsepower of the truck being driven.

Drivers, one at a time, go as fast as they can through a pit of mud. Drivers try to make it all the way through. Ruts below, and thick red clay mud, do it’s best to hold the driver back. Winners make it all the way through the fastest, or if the mud wins, how far you were able to get.

Hundreds of people watch the battle between trucks and mud.

Sitting up high in the backs of pick-up trucks, filling up the bleachers, each pay $10-$15 to watch the auto mud wrestling.

The driver, who the others talk about, is an up and comer. Some say a lot like his father, Russell Twitty, owner of Twitty’s Mud Bog in Ulmer, SC.

Son, Wyatt Twitty is a first year driver with a few wins under his belt.

Not bad for his first year competing.

Not bad either for someone who doesn’t have a driver’s license.

Not bad for someone who is only 10-years-old.

Wyatt Twitty is only ten years old and is a fifth grader at Barnwell Elementary school and as he says, “I’ve been mud bogging all my life.”

And for him it may feel that way since he comes from a mud bog dynasty.

His father, Russell Twitty (you can check out Facebook’s page Trucks Gone Wild to see him in action) has been doing this for years and it’s easy think the Twitty children might come by in naturally.

His sister, Jordyn, 13 has been driving a few years and has even earned the title of “Throttle Princess”. The only one who hasn’t been bitten by the mud bog sport is mom, Amanda, she keeps everything running smoothly. But they will all be first to tell you it may run in the genes but practice makes winners.

At Wyatt’s school, Barnwell Elementary, his teachers talk about a boy who is funny, smart and loves math. His principal Dr. Carolyn Anderson says, “Wyatt Twitty is a well-rounded, funny, young man with a big personality and a great sense of humor. He is also a phenomenal student”

For those who worry about the safety of the event like this, his father says, “Wyatt being in truck is safer than him being on an ATV out in the woods.” Wyatt wears a fire suit, a helmet, neck brace and of course a seatbelt. There is also a fire extinguisher in the truck.

His mother loves that her children are fearless. They are not afraid to try and lots of times they fail, “more than they win, “ says mom Amanda. And that she says, that’s a good thing.

If you want to go see the sport in person, here are some mud bog locations with some upcoming events.

Twitty’s Mud Bog

4396 Bufords Bridge Highway

Ulmer, SC 29849

(803) 259-9252

Dec 2/3

Yemassee Mud Run

27690 Pocotaligo Road

Yemassee, SC

(803) 589-2908 (text)


Branchville Mudbog

301 Fair Oaks Ct

Branchville, SC

(803) 829-3251

Pleasant View 4x4 Mudbog

220 Chase Street

Nichols, SC

(843) 254-9405