People are now voting on public's choices for the top 20 finalists of ArtPrize Eight.

But, unlike other years, this time no venue has more than two entries in the Top 20.

This year, ArtPrize changed the rules to spread the number of finalists to more locations.

“Limiting it to only two entries in the finalist round increases the diversity of venues that will be in that finalist round,” explains ArtPrize Director of Communications Todd Herring. “You see more art, You have more conversation.”

The change gives people an incentive to go see art in more remote and traditionally less popular locations.

But, some say it also can eliminate high quality art from the competition even if it received more votes than a finalist at another location.

“I can understand the purpose that they do it,” concedes ArtPrize Eight visitor Duke Yost. “On the other hand, we saw a piece we very much thought should be one of the finalists but it was not one of the first two selected over at the Ford Presidential Museum.”

“I like it, I think it is okay,” says Alexis Rangel. “It’s kind of exciting to get people to branch out. It adds a little new element to the competition. ArtPrize is going into its eighth year and I think they have to keep looking at how they can spice it up.”

The two finalists per venue rule does not apply to the $200,000 juried award, however. There are three jury finalists at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and four at SiTE:LAB.

ArtPrize executives say they hope people will combine the lists and visit all 40 finalists at all the venues.

“There is a lot of great art out there,” says Herring.

The ArtPrize Eight popular vote ends at midnight Thursday, Oct. 6.