The idea came from AJ Paschka's young son.

"One day he told me, AJ do you know there is a planet of kittens inside of a black hole called Starfall," says Paschka.

The idea is now a reality. Starfall is an official ArtPrize entry at the JW Marriott and a featured public project. The piece features lasers that shoot across the Grand River.

"The beams are straight, they don't waver and the distance that they go is what's attractive and I think it's just light-hearted the light hearted aspect of lasers just makes people smile," says Paschka.

Starfall also features an interactive twist.

"There's different lasers that are sound activated here so even if I tap on this, the laser beams are reacting to the sound of my tap," says Paschka.

But that wasn't enough for Paschka so he installed CB radios that anyone can pick up and talk into.

"All the lasers on top of the building are hearing your voice so then that sound activation is triggering the lasers," says Paschka.

Paschka is now hoping to build upon the idea for next year's ArtPrize.

"I really want to see it in different environments, I definitely like when lasers are in nature centers and different natural landscapes where there is a contrast between the man-made beam and bio-organic shapes," says Paschka.

And how does his son feel about the finished product?

"He was like tell everyone it's my idea," says Paschka.