Since a portion of the WZZM 13 ArtPrize set showcases pieces of what has become known as Beer City USA, we thought it would be fitting to highlight our craft beer scene with a "Beer of the Day."

Matt Ross from Siciliano's Market, joined Jennifer Pascua on the Noon News, Friday, Oct. 7, with a plethora of craft beer choices.

Siciliano's Market was listed this year in the Men Journal's "The 50 Best Beer Stores in America."

Sitting in Grand Rapids, the crown jewels of the booming Michigan beer scene, with a massive trove of beers from near and far, Siciliano's seems like a natural pick. But the hard-working beer, wine, liquor, and homebrew shop deserves more credit, as it was one of the first to specialize in craft beer and offered single-bottle sales decades before most stores caught on.

Siciliano's Market is located at 2840 Lake Michigan Dr. NW in Grand Rapids. For more information, click here.