To encourage people to see more art in more places, this year ArtPrize decided no venue could have more than two finalists in the popular vote competition.

Maybe it would have happened anyway, but for the first time in the history of ArtPrize a finalist in the public vote is at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. It’s the venue farthest from the ArtPrize Hub in downtown Grand Rapids.

The piece is called “Ditch Lily Drawing" by Aquinas College faculty member Nathan Lareau.

“This is all kind of unexpected,” he says. “But I’m glad for all the interest and attention on the piece. Because this is not downtown it's a little off the beaten path and I didn't expect it but its welcomed and I’m glad more people are coming out to the gardens to enjoy this.”

If Lareau wins the $200,000 first place prize in the people’s vote, he will be the second member of the Aquinas College faculty to win ArtPrize. Chris LaPorte was the winner in 2010 with his “Cavalry” drawing.