Art is a powerful communicator and as ArtPrize Eight comes to a close, the impact of hundreds of entries will continue to be felt.

That is especially true of the piece title, "People Helping People". It's a collection of portraits celebrating volunteers working with United Way organizations.

The project is a collaboration between United Way and photographer Adam Bird.

They say the photographs are meant to give a voice to people through art.

United Way's role in the community is to invest donations into impactful change in the community through nonprofits. "People Helping People" highlights the work that is being done in the community and the people who have committed their lives to it and to hopefully encourage people to find their passion by volunteering within the community.

Kim Kordecki is the quintessential "boots on the ground" volunteer at the core of many successful community events in West Michigan, such as ArtPrize, Laughfest, and the Rapid Wheelmen Bicycle Club.

"I work from home for a company that is small. Volunteering lets me give back, but it also gives me an outlet and helps me meet new people that I might not meet in my daily life or in the work I do." said, Kordecki. "It gives me different perspectives of individuals and the city where I live. When you have a group of people that will go the extra mile, it keeps the community centered. It's the electricity of the city. It's like fire. It's just fun to be involved."

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