Large crowds gathered Saturday around the public vote winning entry, "Wounded Warrior Dogs," located inside the Amway Grand Hotel.

The patriotic project garnered top marks and won James Mellick of Ohio the $200,000 award.

"It's just moving in a way that's almost surprising to you," Lynne Fuqua said.

Her sister Sherry Fuqua Gilson, who had her own piece entered into this year's competition, added the skill and emotion put into creating the dogs brought her and her sister to tears.

See the winners: Wounded Warrior Dogs and The Bureau of Personal Belonging win top prizes

Across town at 50 Monroe, the juried winner, "The Bureau of Personal Belonging," attracted a smaller crowd but artist Stacy L. Kirby was eager to share her pride and appreciation for the internationally recognized competition.

"Well it's interactive and it's different," said Kathy Barr of Lansing. "And it's clearly bringing some awareness to things that are happening politically."

A total of 380,119 votes were cast during ArtPrize Eight spread out among the 1,453 pieces that were entered. The first Saturday of this year’s competition collected the highest single day vote count in ArtPrize’s history, with more than 42,000 voters cast by smartphone.

Exhibits will be displayed at the venues through Sunday.