Landon and his lost teddy have been reunited, thanks to the power of social media.

Two-year-old Landon lost his beloved teddy bear at Point Defiance Zoo on Saturday.

The bear with the big blue ribbon had been a gift from his great-grandmother before she passed away.

His mom, Chayla, shared a photo of him with the teddy on the KING 5 Facebook page on Sunday.

"My son's heart is broken for the only thing that gave him comfort," she said.

The post was seen by more than 300,000 people and shared by more than 2,500 people. Many moms shared similar stories of lost treasures.

"Been there," said Jennifer. "My youngest had a baby Mickey his grandma sent him from Disney World. He lost it at Costco one day and nobody turned it in. He was heartbroken, as was I frown emoticon Hope your little guy gets his bear back."

"Oh no!" said Ashley. "My son managed to hold onto his lovey blanket "NeeNee" for 8 years. His great grandma knitted it for him. We lost it on vacation...ON Christmas. I hope he's able to get his bear back!"

Mary Henley was also at the Zoo on Saturday.

"Our family was walking to our cars when we saw a well-loved teddy bear in the dirt next to where the cars were parked," she told KING 5.

"We debated what to do, but ended up deciding that we should leave it there in case the family realized what happened and came back for him. We sat him up on some sticks and rocks so that he would be more visible," she said.

When she saw Facebook posts about the bear, Mary contacted Chayla, and first thing Monday she went back to the park.

"The bear wasn't where we left him, but thanks to other people’s posts he was located under a tree on the other side of the road from where we had left him. We brought the bear home and took some fun pictures and made a book that we thought Landon might enjoy while we waited for his mom to come pick him up."

Landon’s mom shared the happy news via Facebook:

"Thank you all for sharing! My son's teddy has been retrieved by a very nice lady and I will be picking him up this afternoon! I thank those of you who had kind words to say!"

A man of few words, Landon said “Oh wow!” when he got the bear back.

“He is only two so he doesn’t talk much,” said Chayla.

She expressed gratitude to the family who picked up the teddy.

“My heart is so full. They even made him his own book,” she said. “I can't wait to tell him this story when he gets older.”