With school winding down, the Whitecaps hosted over 7,000 students at their game against the Great Lakes Loons Tuesday, June 6.

But the entertainment started before the first pitch at 11 a.m. when kids joined Brett Masserant on field for some pushups.

It was just a warm up for the Shelby Township resident because when the game started, he began trying to set a new pushup world record.

The world record is 800 in one hour. Masserant needed to complete more than 800 pushups in that time -- and wanted to up the ante by wearing a 40-pound backpack.

"What I say is it's like a marathon but with your arms," he said. "You want to have a good pace. I think whenever somebody works out I think one of the big things is how much you bench or something like that.

"You always want to see how you're stacking up. It's always good to know, you know, I'm better than most people in the world at doing something."

His idea was to do seven pushups every 30-seconds. Fourteen a minute would give him 840 in an hour.

Masserant did even better than that, crushing the old record by 134. He completed 934 pushups with 40 pounds on his back in 60 minutes.

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