Election Day on Tuesday, November 8th will no doubt be historic. A local senior living community is bringing a little levity to the day. Their residents will be voting on the best...pie. Elliot Talen, with Samaritas Senior Living Grand Rapids joins us with more about the fierce competition and to share a recipe. It's something that Samaritas Senior Living communities do every 4 years.

"It's a way to not just see which candidate gets the biggest piece of the electorate pie and becomes our nation's next leader; this event brings together residents, staff and members of the community in an upbeat, fun event where people from both sides of the political aisle can come together peacefully over red, blue and other pies," explained Elliot.

More about the event: In Grand Rapids, from 1-3 p.m., residents help make pies, and Samaritas buys ingredients while supplying the baking space and assistance. Residents, staff potential residents and family members are invited to join the baking and tasting. Marbles in soup cups stack up as the voting ensues; the candidate with the most marbles wins. At 1:30 p.m., Chef Cody will demonstrate how to make the perfect pie crust followed by how to make a pecan pie.

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