Some members of the Michigan delegation to the Electoral College say they are being bombarded with letters and e-mails asking them not to vote for Donald Trump.

Because Trump won Michigan he gets all 16 of the state’s electoral votes when the Electoral College meets December 19.

But elector Wyckham Seelig from the 7th Congressional District says his mailboxes are jammed with messages asking him to switch.

“I have received over 13,000 e-mails asking me to be a faithless elector,” he says. “In other words, to vote for Hillary or for someone else. I have also received a stack of letters from all over the country asking me to do the same thing.”
But even if he wanted to change, and he doesn’t, Seelig says he and the other state electors must vote for Trump because he won the popular vote in Michigan.

“In Michigan there is a law that says if an elector tries to vote for someone other than the candidate to whom he is pledged that elector will immediately be replaced and someone who will vote the way the people voted will cast the ballot,” he explains.

This is the first time a Republican candidate for President has won the popular vote in Michigan since 1988 so it isthe first time Republican electors get to participate in the Electoral College in almost 30 years.

“To participate in history,” says Seelig. “To have an opportunity to be part of the process of choosing the President of the United States. I ran for it in the 7th District caucus and the caucus chose me.”

To win the Presidency a candidate must get 270 of the 538 possible votes in the Electoral College. Counting 16 in Michigan, 306 are pledged to Donald Trump compared to 232 for Hillary Clinton.