What happened to 25-year-old Julius Vinson?

It's a question Grand Rapids Police have been trying to answer since someone brought Vinson to the hospital Friday, March 31 with devastating head injuries that led to his death Monday afternoon.

His father, Julius Vinson, Jr., believes one or more people deliberately beat his son early Friday morning until he was essentially brain dead. His father says it was personal and he wants to know who did it and why.

“Because it was senseless to me,” he says.

“They tried to do great bodily harm. A lot of the blows were to the head. This was an up and close beating.”

His family says Julius Vinson was a student at Grand Rapids Community College hoping for a career in real estate.

Police say they believe he was involved in an altercation about 3 a.m. Friday but they weren’t notified until hours later. They say the delay is making it more difficult to locate witnesses and investigate clues.