Thousands of hunters are expected to take part in this year's firearm deer hunting season.

"The weather's been pretty good, probably waste of couple of hours but hopefully I will see a big one," Bronson Zigmont said as he stood in the Gander Mountain gun section.

Like many, Zigmont will be out hunting come Tuesday. "Friends, relatives, old and young are all taking the next two weeks to go hunting."

A tradition experts say helps out the Department of Natural Resources.

"They control a certain number of licenses and that's how they control the deer population," Matt Blair with Gander Mountain said. "There's a couple of diseases in Michigan affecting, deer, elk, moose, and they use the hunters to
control the population to try and rid of, along with following regulation about feeding and baiting."

But, it's a sport that needs to be done safely.

"Always wear hunter orange and obey firearm rules. Make sure you're not shooting in the direction of people or the road," Zigmont said.

The firearm deer hunting season starts Tuesday and runs through Nov. 30.