Are you thinking of adding a furry friend to your family?

BISSELL Pet Foundation is bringing back Empty the Shelters day, providing free adoption to dozens of Michigan animal shelters and rescue centers on Oct. 22.

The last time they held this event in May, 605 cats and dogs were placed in loving homes. This time, BISSELL is hoping to find homes for 1,000 pets. The Grand Rapids-based non-profit will pay all adoption fees at 54 shelters and rescue organizations across the state and will thank families for choosing adoption with the gift of an AdoptBox. Each AdoptBox is stocked with toys and treats for dogs or cats, an ID tag, collar, and BISSELL cleaning products.

“Most pets in shelters and rescues have never experienced a loving home and EMPTY THE SHELTERS will give so many pets the second chance they deserve,” says Cathy Bissell, founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation.

Families that choose adoption on Oct. 22 will only be responsible for licensing fees, which vary by county from $7 to $12. BISSELL Pet Foundation will take care of all adoption fees, which average $150 for dogs and $60 for cats.

“Our goal for EMPTY THE SHELTERS is to encourage people to choose adoption first,” Bissell said. “We want to make it easy for pet owners both by sponsoring the adoption fee and by helping supply needed items for their pet’s future with AdoptBox.”

For more information about “EMPTY THE SHELTERS, including a list of participating shelters and rescue organizations, click here.