This weekend, ESPN's College Game-Day is coming to Kalamazoo to highlight the undefeated Broncos from Western Michigan University.

School leaders say there are some things you should know if you want to be in "the pit," when the show is live Saturday morning.

On Saturday, America will meet Western Michigan University, as Gameday rolls in. On Thursday, the official Gameday bus made its way onto campus as fans cheered.

We found a few fans carrying some creative signs. One read, "I really should go to class and study for that exam but you should make a college Gameday sign instead".

Another fan had a sign on a mannequin that said, "Mannequins row the boat too."

One woman put a Western Michigan University t-shirt on her dog.

"My daughter went to Western and this is her t-shirt for when she graduated from here," she said. "I found it put it on him and now we're happy."

However, for fans hoping to make national television there are few things you should know about the setup.

"It's open to the public and parking in that area, that day is free," says Monty Porter, associate athletic director for Western Michigan University. "ESPN itself manages the thing they call 'the pit', it's like the first 500 people, just beyond the back of the set there behind the talent on stage."

Security will be tight.

"No backpacks, no bottles of water," says Porter.

No alcohol, either.

"It's a no-alcohol zone, so for those people who want to treat it like an actual tailgate, it's not that," says Porter.

Be ready bright and early.

"You can start lining up for that whenever you want, but they'll start admitting people to the pit at 6 a.m. or 7 a.m., so if you're interested in that you probably better be there early for it," says Porter.

We're told some students may even be spending the night here.

"The university can't allow tents and fire pits, if you show up with a camp chair and a sleeping bag you're going to be just fine," says Porter.

One other rule that goes without saying: Make some noise for Gameday.