Caledonia is calling on Gov. Rick Snyder to decide if trustee Todd Grinage can be the new Village President or even continue to serve on council.

Monday, Nov. 14, current Village President Glenn Gilbert released a letter he sent to the Governor asking him to remove Grinage from office under terms of MCL 168.368.

Voters overwhelmingly chose Grinage as the new Village President on Nov. 8, but he is currently serving a 60 day sentence for third offense drunk driving.

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"The morning of Nov. 9, I was made aware of the recent incarceration," says Gilbert. "I don't know if the other voters knew, but I didn't know."

MCL 168.383 authorizes the Governor to remove an elected official for habitual drunkenness or if they were convicted of being drunk.

When Grinage refused an offer to resign, Village President Gilbert called upon Gov. Snyder to remove him.

“Believe me, I have no pleasure in having to take this action,” said Gilbert. "But, failure to do so is a violation of the oath I took as Village President and willful neglect of my duties."

The village attorney says it is not known how long it will take the governor to rule on the matter. If Grinage is removed, Gilbert says council will choose a village president to serve until the next election.

"Todd has been an asset to this community," says Gilbert. "He has done a lot. I sincerely hope he takes care of this situation and gets the help he needs."