Leaders in Grand Haven say they need help to bring back a West Michigan icon. Fundraising efforts are underway for the city's catwalk.

It's a two part project that will cost more than $3 million.

The first part will come from the feds as the Army Corps of Engineers will spend $2 million to renovate the pier. As for the catwalk, Grand Haven needs to raise $1 million by the summer -- and right now, they are well short.

The city manager tells us they still need nearly $700,000 to bring back the catwalk this year.

Monday, Jan . 16, at the city council meeting, several measures were passed to move forward on the project.

"This is not something we just love in Grand Haven, everybody loves coming around that bend and you get that look at Lake Michigan to see that pier sticking out with the catwalk on it, it feels like your home it feels like you have reached your beach your Lake Michigan, we all feel like its something we all own together," said City Manager Pat McGinnis.

The city plans on raising money at their upcoming Winterfest with a variety of events including a wine and beer tasting, a cold water dumpster dive and a run.

Winterfest will take place Jan. 26 through the 29.