Firefighters from several area departments battled a blaze at a Grand Haven factory for hours Tuesday afternoon.

Grand Haven city and township firefighters responded to the fire at Seaver Finishing, 1645 Marion Ave., at 2:43 p.m. Help was also requested from Ferrysburg and Spring Lake Township firefighters, as well as Norton Shores Canteen.

Owner Craig Seaver said there were about 18 people inside the building at the time and everyone got out OK. A second shift was just starting to come in, he said.

One of the evacuated employees said smoke started coming through the building, so they grabbed fire extinguishers, but quickly realized the fire was too big, so they exited the building. Black smoke was billowing out the back of the building when firefighters arrived minutes later.

The first firefighters on the scene reported fire going through the roof.

The blaze initially appeared to come from a powder collector, but Grand Haven Public Safety Director Jeff Hawke said the fire also spread into the building’s ceiling.

Firefighters started with an exterior attack at the back of the building and eventually used the city’s aerial truck to keep the blaze under control. Another aerial from Grand Haven Township was ready, if needed, Hawke said.

Firefighters inspected the roof and worked on the fire from inside the building. They were experiencing some obstacles with cement walls, trying to get to the fire.

Seaver explained that the powder collecting room is self-contained. No personnel go into it.

Northwest Ottawa County’s Haz-Mat team was requested at the scene at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Seaver Finishing is a powder coat facility that coats steel for the automotive and furniture industries.

The company also had a fire at their facility located at 16900 Hayes St. in July 2016. That incident involved a semi-trailer backed up to the company’s loading dock. The trailer caught on fire.