If you’re thinking about heading out for a walk on Grand Haven’s south pier, you’re going to need to wait until the end of next summer.

The Grand Haven Tribune reports the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ south pier repair project began Monday, with workers from Holland-based The King Co. mobilizing equipment along the pier and beginning work.

“It’s nice to see that happen and finally get going,” Army Corps of Engineers Area Engineer Tom O’Bryan said. “They’re hoping for good weather ... (today) and hopefully Wednesday.”

According to O’Bryan, marine construction crews were feeling things out and brought in a small hydraulic excavator to the pier to try and determine the best way to begin the demolition project.

“It is a learning curve,” he said.

Marine contractors plan to remove the existing concrete surface to inspect the structure and make repairs. The exposed area will then be repaired, filled with stone and recapped with new concrete.

Marine contractors began work on the south pier on Monday, starting a long-awaited project to fix the structure.

Crews will work through the fall months on the demolition project and stop for the winter, O'Bryan said. Work will start back up in the spring, with a hopeful completion date of sometime next summer.

“Everything is really weather-dependent,” O’Bryan said. “The more calm weather we get, the faster the project will be done.”

While the goal is to get the project completed by the end of July 2017, marine contractors have until the end of 2017 to complete the work.

“Everyone wants it done fast,” O'Bryan said.

Last month, crews from The King Co. removed the catwalk from the pier and have stored it at the Verplank dock facility in Ferrysburg.

Grand Haven City Council approved a contract this past summer for the catwalk’s removal and storage at a total cost of $83,000. Council will be asked to approve a separate contract at a later date for an estimated $114,800 to place the catwalk back on the pier.

Fundraising efforts are underway to help pay for restoration and repair work on the catwalk.