Grand Rapids city commissioners are considering limiting the number of pets per household to three dogs and three cats.

While the city manager said there isn't a specific incident that prompted the discussion, there have been nuisance complaints in the past.

The conversation came up during Grand Rapids' City Commission meeting Tuesday, March 7.

Manager Greg Sundstrom said this issue has been discussed during the last several months. There will be a public hearing scheduled where citizens can share their opinions of the three cats, three dogs proposal. Ultimately, commissioners will have their own debate on it before coming to a vote.

"There are ordinances like this very similar with that type of limitation in our surrounding cities," Sundstrom said. "It's not a rampant problem; the problem is that when we have come across it, there's no city ordinance to quell the nuisance."

Other cities in Michigan have limits on the number of pets in a household. In Muskegon, the limit is three dogs. Kalamazoo, Grandville and East Grand Rapids also only allow three dogs to a home.

There are varying limits for cats.

Currently, Grand Rapids does not have a limit to the number of cats and dogs in which an owner can have. Commissioners are scheduled to take up the issue March 28.