It was first built in 1921 as Hotel Rowe, then it became Olds Manor, a retirement home--and since 2001, it's been a vacant piece of property. Now, after a total make-over, the historical building has found its place in the modern world.

"I think everybody is glad to see it back in action," CWD Vice President of Development Nick Koster said. "77 apartments, nine condominiums and Atwater Brewery on the ground floor."

Almost 70 percent of the apartment units have already been leased.

"Residents are the key to everything we want to accomplish downtown, they support the retail, support the businesses, so we're happy to be apart of that," Koster said.

And this place has been here a while.

"We have a gentleman on our construction staff whose grandparents had their honeymoon here when it was a hotel, my grandparents lived here when it was senior living," Koster said.

As a senator, John F. Kennedy stayed at the former hotel while on his presidential campaign trail.

"It's a beautiful piece of architecture in an area of downtown, the urban renewal area which is kind of not known for that, so it was important for us to be able to restore this historic building," Koster said.

The newest addition is the Detroit original, Atwater Brewery.

"The reason that we relocated or put another property here in Grand Rapids is to connect the two largest cities in Michigan," owner Mark Rieth said.

This is the brewery's third location.

"Just a great reception, Grand Rapids is a phenomenal place, the people here--very receptive of us being here and like I said couldn't be happier so far with how things are going," Reith said.