When a company lives and breathes the same values it practices for its clients, it can help change the way a community does business. Bazzani Building Company has helped shape the sustainable building culture in Grand Rapids, and with some recent staff adjustments, Guy Bazzani believes he has ensured the company’s culture well into the future.

When Bazzani finished the renovation of the company’s office building, 959 Wealthy St. SE, it was the first LEED-certified building in Grand Rapids. Completed in 2001, the project transformed a 1918 construction into a building 40 percent more efficient than a newly constructed building built to modern codes. Today, Bazzani said the company still is regularly pushing to be 30 to 40 percent more efficient than a building built to code.

Until recently, Bazzani Building Company was known as Bazzani Associates, but the name caused some confusion Bazzani wanted to clear up.

“We’ve always wanted to identify as a building company,” he said. “As we did development, that kind of stuck, and I have friends who don’t know we build. If people think we’re developers, we’re not going to get asked to do other projects, and we’d like to work for other people.”

As the company pushes to be known more for its green building practices, it also has a change in leadership. Bazzani, who is the company’s founder and CEO, has relinquished his title as president to Peter Skornia, the company’s vice president since 2014. Prior to joining Bazzani Building, Skornia was a private consultant, and Skornia and Bazzani had considered coming together prior to the Great Recession. The partnership waited, but Bazzani said it’s a natural progression.

To learn more about Bazzani's transition, pick up a copy of the Grand Rapids Business Journal or visit their website.