Madcap Coffee announced Tuesday, Nov. 22, it will open a third location in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market.

According to a press release, Madcap’s Downtown Market café is slated to open before the holidays with a focus on collaboration with other market vendors.

Madcap Coffee says this location will feel different from its two other cafés with a modern circular bar and bright, contemporary, and almost futuristic vibes.

“We want to emphasize the consistency of a quality coffee experience, across all of our locations, and each location will feature a little something different," said Trevor Corlett, Madcap Coffee’s CEO in the release. "With our Downtown Market Café, we will strive to create an experience centric around transparency."

The café will feature both a kid’s drink menu as well as a toast menu in collaboration with Field and Fire.

Other breakfast offerings will include sweet and savory waffles as well as bagels and baked goods.

Also new to the menu is a signature drink, the Espresso Milkshake.

“Downtown Market guests have come to expect the very best from all of the local businesses in our Market Hall, and Madcap’s passion and quality is a perfect addition to that lineup," said Mimi Fritz, president and CEO of the Downtown Market.