A thrift store is asking for the community's help in identifying a woman they say shoplifted. While they want the woman found, and are asking for the public's help in doing so, they don't want to press charges.

Its a store ran by volunteers. So any profit lost is tough. "We pay our rent and for our utilities. Everything else goes right into the store or right into the community," Store Manager, Mindi Ketchel, said.

On Tuesday, June 20, that was tested. Ketchel says "We didn't notice anything until my volunteer went out to a fitting room and notice a bunch of hangers and no clothes."

Alerting Ketchel to check surveillance video from cameras she just installed.

"Found all of the footage of her going through the racks going to the dressing room with a large amount of clothing and coming out with her bags full which they looked very flat when she went in and looked very not when she came out," she said.

Ketchel is following the example of a nearby business in going to social media asking the community for help finding the woman.

"Chris Boden from the Geek Group put a post a few weeks back about an incident involving their dog gate and he allowed the people to turn themselves in and I thought that was such a kind and unique approach to the situation," she added.

"I don't know what her situation is. So I would just like to come and do the same thing and give her the chance to bring herself in to me."

An opportunity this business didn't have to give. Ketchel says, "In the day of the internet age where like nothing is sacred anymore and everything will get you in trouble. It just seems like its so easy to get a mark on your record that it can't go away."

The store manager is giving the woman until Monday to come forward, if not she will go to the police. If you do recognize her, she's encouraged to message the store manager on the Helping Hands Facebook page.