Witnesses say the two people critically injured in a crash Friday afternoon in Greenville are a grandmother and her grandson.

“That’s what we were told,” confirms Movie Time video store owner Sandra Hunsberger. “Grandmother was just picking grandson up from school and taking him to soccer practice.”

“A 67 year old driver and a 10 year old passenger,” adds Greenville Deputy Public Safety Director Dennis Magirl.

The 67-year-old woman was driving when their car collided with a gravel truck at M-57 and S. Hillcrest Street. Police say they have not yet determined exactly what happened, but witnesses say it appears the car was turning left and was struck on the passenger side by the oncoming truck.

“I heard the tires on the semi lock up and I just heard a big crash,” says Tyler Mooney, who works at the nearby Public Warehouse.

The driver and her 10-year-old passenger were trapped inside.

“It took them almost an hour to remove the top of the car so they could reach the people inside,” says Hunsberger. “They were just stuck in there. A paramedic who witnessed it said she was so frustrated standing there. She couldn’t do anything to help.”

Police say the driver and boy have serious injuries.

“Life threatening injuries, yes,” says Magirl.

The truck driver was not hurt iand officers say he is cooperating with investigators.

“Accidents happen out here quite often,” says Hunsberger. “But I have never seen anything quite this horrendous.”