A Grand Rapids police officer was one of just 12 people honored with a national award.

Michael Harris won the 2016 Maytag Dependable Leader award for his contributions to the West Michigan community.

He was honored at a celebration Wednesday at the Goei Center. Harris has been a full-time police officer at Seidman Boys and Girls Club for 15 years.

He serves as a mentor, role model and friend.

"This award, it's not just for me, its for my co-workers that work with me at the Boys and Girls Club, the officers that are assigned there, it's just what we do, we're changing lives," he said.

Maytag awarded officer Harris 20,000 dollars.That money will fund scholarships, for members of the boys and girls club interested in attending the police academy. Harris was a member of the "Boys and Girls club" 30 years ago.