It's a sight you don't see everyday: one that caused several streets to be temporarily blocked off in Holland.

The homeowner says he bought a house at an auction knowing he'd have to move it because of Holland's new power plant. Crews worked to transport the house Wednesday, Oct. 12, transporting it from East 6th to Ferris streets -- about a mile away.

Sometimes big dreams take time. In this case, it was 130-tons moving at 3-4 mph.

"It's just too easy to move into a house," says Matthew Mogck, the homeowner.

Mogck bought the home through an auction and then hired a company to move it.

"Just over a mile, which is a long way for a house this size," says Dave Grifhorst, co-owner of Rollaway Movers.

Grifhorst said the move took months of planning.

"Arranging with the utility companies, the police," he said.

The house was inside Holland's new energy park, with the BPW using it as its on-site office.

Mogck thought he got quite the bargain, at least at first.

"We got a phenomenal deal on it, 2,400-bucks, however after you move it, you build a foundation, do everything else, you're going to be spending about the price of a house," Mogck said.

A few financial bumps down the road, but the more immediate challenge were the turns.

"Our biggest concern is making the corner," Grifhorst said.

It took several hours to get to the final destination -- the house arrived at it's new location on Ferris Avenue at around 2 p.m., after about five hours of transporting it.

Crews were still adjusting the position of the home on the lot at that time.

Mogck says that he and his wife are deciding whether to move into the home during Christmas break or spring break.