Hope College is issuing an alert to its students involving a sexual assault on campus.

On their website, campus leaders posted the warning at 8:40 p.m. Monday, Oct. 4, 2016.

It read:

A sexual assault occurred on campus this weekend that appears similar in nature to three other assaults that have been reported to confidential, on-campus resources over the past month. We are issuing a warning at this time based on the number and similarity of cases that have been reported. In every case, the suspect — a different person in each incident — was known to the survivor and alcohol was involved. We are working to support our survivors, which includes providing them with resources on and off campus and addressing the suspects as desired. If the nature of these incidents sounds like something you or a friend have experienced, help is available.

There are a number of resources at Hope for students who experience or witness sexual assault.

  • Campus Safety: 616-395-7770
  • Counseling Center (CAPS): DeWitt Center, second flood, 616-395-7945
  • Health Clinic: Dow Center, first floor, 616-395-7585
  • Campus Ministries: Keppel House, 616-395-7145
  • Confidential Advocate: Sara Bazydlo, DeWitt Center, second floor, 616-395-7802