"Love trumps hate” was the theme at what participants called a unity candlelight vigil, Tuesday, Nov. 16, in Holland.

Holland Pride, a resource center for the LGBTQ community was the main organizer, but they had help from churches and other community organizations.

About 100 people participated in what the group says was not a protest, but a demonstration of unity and support.

”Just a showing of unity and love for all,” explained organizer Michele Driesenga.

“Many are feeling vulnerable, threatened and scared in light of the last week’s events,” added Holland United Church of Christ pastor Bryan Burghoef. “And we want to say we are here for you.”

Participants stood at the curb outside Van Bragt Park holding signs that read “Love trumps hate” and “Be nice.”

“Generally the reception has been pretty positive,” said participant Tyler Abbott. “There has been a lot of positive honking and waving. We have gotten few negative responses like extreme revving of engines and profanity but that’s not going to stop us.”

This is the third gathering of this type in Holland since the Presidential election.

Friday, Nov. 11, Hope College students had an on-campus unity, inclusion and love rally. Saturday night, there was an anti-hate rally in Centennial Park.