An Edmonds mom who asked people around to send postcards to her 5-year-old son has been overwhelmed by the response.

“It just makes my heart swell with how much love he has been showered with,” Trine Longaker wrote in an email.

In August, Trine put out a call for postcards to in order that her son, Skyler, might be able to see the world.

Skyler has craniosynostosis, a birth defect where joints between bones close prematurely, meaning the brain can't grow in its natural shape. He has another procedure in November.

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About 600 postcards poured in from almost all 50 states and many parts of Australia, filling five binders of cards.

“It has definitely blown me away to see how many lives my sweet little boy has touched,” Trine wrote in an email.

Although Trine only asked for postcards, people have also sent care package of souvenirs and memorabilia. Some of the most memorable packages were from Ohio State and Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festivals Executive Director Darby Isham. He has also gotten calendars and a couple placemats from Australia.

Trine said that Skyler gets excited to check his mail box every day, giggling and dancing when the post office workers bring out his mail.

Skyler isn’t the only one that felt loved from the community response. Trine said it fills her heart to see so many people come together for Skyler.

“These people sending Skyler cards don't understand how much they really are doing when they send a post card,” Trine wrote. “It's more than just making him smile it is also showing him that there are good people in the world and that there are tons of people who love him and are cheering for him.”

If you would like to send Skyler a postcard, you can mail it here:

Team Super Sky
PO Box 60234
Shoreline, WA 98160

You can also learn about Team Super Sky on its Facebook page.

Photos: Hundreds mail postcards to Skyler