With only 11 days until the election, Democratic and Republican leaders say hundreds of Trump and Clinton signs have been stolen or vandalized in Ottawa County.

Laurettee DeBoer, a volunteer at the Ottawa County Republican Party, described how the Trump sign on her lawn was vandalized twice in a few days.

"There were tire marks driving right through the lawn," says DeBoer. "Ran through it (the Trump sign) between the uprights and just pulled all the ties off of it."

So, she tried to put the Trump sign up again.

"The next night we put new ties on it, then they sliced it with a utility knife," says DeBoer.

When asked how the incident made her feel, Deboer said, "Violated, it's like wait a minute, we went through all the trouble to do this, why would people do that?"

"Hundreds of yard signs have been stolen, they've been destroyed, they've been vandalized," says Carly Nelson, executive director of the Ottawa County Republican Party. "It's quite disgusting if you ask me that so many of Trump signs have been targeted."

However, it's not only Trump signs. In fact, at the Ottawa County Democratic headquarters we saw a note that said people could get free replacement signs if theirs were stolen.

"If your yard sign got stolen sign up, put your name here, my yard sign got stolen, here's a free replacement," says Doug Zylstra, chair of the Ottawa County Democratic Party. "I think the amount of yard signs being stolen, whether that's 50 or 100 or 200 is reflective of the amount of enthusiasm that's out there, the amount of people willing to put Hillary Clinton in their front yard."

Unfortunately, this type of illegal behavior happened in past elections too.

"I definitely think this election has brought out more of that," says Zylstra.

"This year it's different, this year there's venom against the candidate," says DeBoer.

"Quite frankly, if anything, it fires up our supporters more because they're coming back into the office, they're getting another sign," says Nelson.

Leaders on both sides say they're hoping to see political pride without the bad behavior.

"My message is stop," says Nelson.

Zylstra says "Registering voters or talking to voters about your candidate" is a more productive use of time.

DeBoer has put up yet another sign in support of her candidate.

"I made a home made sign that says, 'Honk for Trump'," says DeBoer.

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department tells us...they've received some reports for stolen political signs, but they did not immediately have exact numbers.