A Kalamazoo-area pastor has been temporarily suspended of his church duties amid a review of the Catholic Dioceses finances and the finding of "questionable financial transactions."

The resignation of Rev. Richard Fritz, 69, was accepted by Bishop Paul J. Bradley on Thursday, Oct. 6, according to a news release. It comes following a recently completed audit conducted by an independent accounting firm, detailing those questionable transitions and practices from a period from 2010-16.

In addition to the temporary suspension, Fritz no longer will reside at the rectory, the release states.

Morning masses were told of the situation Sunday, Oct. 9.

Suspected financial irregularities were reported in spring 2016, officials say. In June, Fritz's access to parish funds were removed. The alleged inconsistency in records stem from checks distributed in that six-year period, involving money from St. Mary Assumption, Bronson and St. Barbara, Colon.

Records prior to 2010 now are under investigation to determine whether there are other potential losses.

The Michigan State Police currently is conducting its own investigation with cooperation of the Dioceses, officials say.