People who live around the Ferrysburg Nature Preserve say it should not be for sale.

The city manager says a developer has “inquired” about the 40 acre site and asked to be added to the city’s mailing list.

Over the years housing subdivisions have popped up around the preserve, but the rolling grass and tree covered dunes full of plant and wild life has remained undisturbed.

And at a meeting Monday, Oct. 18, citizens told city council that is how it should stay.

“We have something unique and special and we need to hold onto it,” one woman told council.

“I just can’t imagine a bulldozer coming through and destroying all of it,” added Ann Holman.

“You can never replace it, you can never get this back,” said Heather Hawley. “We need to listen to the residents and hear their voice.”

There is currently no offer to buy the nature preserve or proposed developments to consider. Ferrysburg council is investigating ways to raise additional revenue without raising taxes.

“I’m opposed to doing away with the parkland,” said Mayor Dan Ruiter. “That is my take on it right now. That may change in a year or two.”