The Ottawa County Road Commission released a list of completed and future projects paid for by the 2014 road millage.

A total of nearly $4 million was collected in 2015 and a similar amount is expected this year. On a stretch of Adams Street in Zeeland, things will be moving a little bit faster; not necessarily the cars, but road projects.

"If it was going to get done in 2018, now it's going to get done in 2017," says Ryan Kemppainen, operations superintendent for the Ottawa County Road Commission.

"It's helping us out improve our roads at a faster pace than waiting on funding from the state."

Adams street is one of 12 projects slated for improvements in 2017. It's one spot the road commission has received several complaints about.

A list of 2017 road projects in Ottawa County.

"There's potholes right in front of our restaurant," says Len Towne, chef and owner of American Char.

Towne says the busy road makes for good business, except with the shape it's in.

"For people who come to our restaurant, this is a good travel road for people so I think it kind of hinders a little bit, especially in the winter time it's very difficult to drive down the road," Towne said.

Several other projects are already complete because of the road millage funding. Kemppainen says the money helped them finish improvements on the road leading to Holland State Park in three years instead of five.

"Now that entire corridor headed out to Holland State Park is done," Kemppainen said. "Our millage passed with 58 percent support, and I think the program is working great."

The road commission expects it will collect an additional $4 million next year from the state's increased road tax. Kemppainen says the road commission will consider adding more projects next year, depending on how much winter costs.