People trying to find Ludington Area Schools on Google Maps may have been in for a little bit of a surprise Monday when they saw images on the tag of a swastika and also references to the KKK.

School Superintendent Jason Kennedy said school officials became aware of the tags Monday night and immediately took action to have them removed.

“It is important to understand that district systems were not compromised, nor were they hacked into, and that the images were not posted on the district’s website or social media page,” Kennedy said. “This process is similar to tagging a friend on any popular social media website. Upon notification, the district immediately began working with law enforcement officials, Google, and with various tips that it had received.

“The district was able to quickly identify the individual responsible for this act, and was able to get the images removed, with the cooperation of the individual who posted the images.”

Google allows people to tag images on place locations on its maps. The action was technically not illegal, Ludington Police Chief Mark Barnett said. “It’s unfortunate that people feel they have to do something like this, but it is my understand that there were not any criminal violations. However, that it something that ultimately the prosecutor would need to decide. There is a possibility of civil litigation in a case such as this.”

“Please be advised that Ludington Area Schools takes matters such as these very seriously,” Kennedy said. “Ludington Area Schools will not tolerate this type of behavior, and the district reserves its right to prosecute matters such as these to the fullest extent of the law.”