Serita Crowley and Jon Hayes make up the band, 'Serita's Black Rose.' They've been playing since 2005 and in 2013, they were the opening act for Smokey Robinson at Meijer Gardens.

On Saturday, Dec. 23, Hayes realized his musical gear was missing.

"I immediately thought-- my first five second reaction was 'Rita, did you take the stuff in the house,' and I knew that she wouldn't because it's so heavy," Hayes said.

His trunk was cleared out.

"That's not just stuff. It's nostalgia, memories, it's our livelihood, it's what we do to make money," Hayes said. "It's stuff that you can't really get anymore like this Fender acoustic amp that I have."

Hayes got some of the equipment 20 years ago.

"I guess I'm kind of more bummed more than anything just because it can take so long for anybody, particularly a musician, to acquire the amount of gear in order to do what they do," Hayes said.

He normally brings his equipment inside and locks his car doors.

"A musician takes $5,000 worth of gear in a $500 car to a $50 gig and that's totally the truth of how it is," Hayes said.

The band has gigs lined up and will need to figure something out.

"To have that taken away during Christmas time is really just more-- I'm more upset than angry," Hayes said.

Crowley has a message to whoever is responsible.

"We have no Christmas because of this. If you needed help with anything, we don't have much but we would have been more than happy to help you, so if you are responsible for this, please return our things, no questions asked, just return them," Serita Crowley said.

Hayes said he filed a police report online and is in contact with his insurance company to see if there's anything that can be done. You can call the Grand Rapids Police Department if you have any information.

He has also printed flyers of the stolen instruments and handed them out to pawn shops in the area.

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