Nancy Grace returned home to Macon Sunday, just three days after ending her show on CNN HLN.

Dozens of her fans came out to the Macon Barnes & Noble to meet her and purchase signed copies of her new book.

She excitedly discussed the next chapter of her career with our Mary Grace Shaw.

She believes there is a new medium out there to help solve more homicides and find missing children.

“[There’s] digital apps, our cell phones, our iPads, and I really believe that that future is a way to do good in this world,” said Grace.

In the works is a crime television show that puts more of a focus on digital platforms.

“The last few cases that I cracked were cracked because of my Facebook page,” explained Grace.

But before she launches her next career move – which she hopes to present after the national election -- Grace came back to her hometown for a book signing.

One fan, Judy Heath, says Grace left an impact on the city.

“I have a niece who actually followed in Nancy’s footsteps,” said Heath. “[She] went on to Mercer Law School and she’s an attorney in the area.”

Grace says the impact is mutual.

“Macon crops up in practically every book that I write,” noted Grace before reminiscing about WMAZ’s first logo, Lucky the cat, and how the station would play Ray Charles before going off-air.

No matter where her career takes her, Grace says the heart of Georgia will always be her home.

“The thing about Macon is it’s so much a part of me that I never really feel like I’m away,” said Grace with a smile.

A portion of the proceeds from each of her books sold will go towards the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.