Police had no updates or no leads on Saturday in the search for a man who skipped out on his sentencing.

Kenneth Kelley admitted to killing five people while driving drunk in 2014.

10 children are left without mothers, another woman is left without her children, and the recent developments reopened old wounds on Mother’s Day weekend.

“My phone rang in the middle of the night,” Lloyd Hardy said.

It was hard to forget the moment lives changed forever.

“I knew it was a death,” Hardy said. “You get that phone call in the middle of the night. You got bad news. You knew somebody has died.”

Hardy learned the mother of his children, Tameika Curtis, her sister, two children, and another woman were killed in an Oxon Hill crash three years ago.

“You know you just don't want that to be true. I remember asking where is my daughter,” Hardy cried. “When I got to my daughter you know she was a nervous wreck. She was in a puddle of tears sitting on the couch, rocking back and forth. I remember not even having words for her.”

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After years of coping, Hardy said his kids are learning how to deal with the loss but it is still hard at moments.

“My daughter said he hated looking in the mirror because she's almost the splitting image of her mom. That's what she sees when she looks in the mirror. She sees her mother,” he said.

The victim’s families relied heavily on the justice system to help in the healing process.

“They reassured us 'this happened to you but we're going to get justice for you. Trust in us. We've got you.' They let us down,” Hardy said.

Kenneth Kelley admitted driving drunk during the deadly crash but did not show for his sentencing on Friday.

Kelley posted bond and wore a GPS ankle bracelet so police could keep tabs on him.

However, the jail removed that tracking device earlier in the week, and Kelley is now nowhere to be found.

“The devastation that he has caused is immeasurable. Turn yourself in. As they say, 'you did the crime, you've got to do the time,'” Hardy said.