CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A viewer sent NBC Charlotte a chilling photo of what he says is a snakeskin that is longer than 13 feet.

We spoke to the man himself, as well as a snake expert to see what they had to say.

Doug Smith, of Union County, had a crew cleaning up around his dock on the lake near Marshville when they came across this nearly 14-foot snakeskin.

"They called me, I reminded them there's no drugs or alcohol permitted during work hours," Smith said. "And they insisted, so I said send me a picture. And I realized this is significant."

He asked them to take another picture.

"They laid it out and put a coke can down and (was in) total disbelief at what I was looking at," Smith said. "Impossible...Absolutely impossible."

So Smith contacted Meagan Thomas, a research manager at Davidson College.

Thomas says the snake could possibly be someone's pet that was released into the wild.

"If the picture's real, it's very likely some python species," Thomas said.

So now Smith is warning others about the danger he thinks is lurking in the lake.

"Would a snake this size be a hazard to humans? Yes, absolutely," Smith said. "This thing is still in there."

Doug Smith