Three medical marijuana dispensaries across the Grand Rapids area were searched as police say they're in violation of the state's Medical Marijuana Act.

Each were investigated Monday, Nov. 28, by the Kent Area Narcotics Enforcement Team, according to a news release. Police don't exactly explain how or what aspects of the law the dispensaries are violating.

The dispensaries include:

1. Relief Hub dispensary, 4920 Plainfield Ave. NE
2. Third Day dispensary, 4981 Plainfield Ave. NE
3. 5000 block of Circle Drive NE
4. 5400 block of Pine Island Drive NE
5. Red Jasper dispensary, 3926 West River Drive NE
6. 2100 block of Wyndham Hill Drive NE
7. 1200 block of Taylor Avenue NW.

UPDATE: In an updated release, the Kent County Sheriff's Department says only three of the locations searched were dispensaries. The four other locations are related to an ongoing investigation.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in September signed new regulations into law that imposed a new tax on dispensary shops. Communities also are able to regulate the location and number of marijuana businesses within their limits.

Police say there is evidence that despite the new bills, the seven dispensaries continue to operate illegally.

People involved with the above dispensaries previously were investigated and given written and verbal warnings but continue to operate illegally. Officers purchased marijuana from each of the locations, confirming their illegality, the release states.

Additionally, public tips help lead investigators to the dispensaries.

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