The Kent County Sheriff's department is looking for anyone who knows who stole several valuable items from a veteran's memorial in Cedar Springs. The statue honors Tim Brown, who died during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and fellow combat men and women.

The items removed include a replica rifle, helmet and dog-tags. Only the boots remain. Their total value is about $10,000, which was raised by the community to establish the memorial in the soldier's name.

"Tim Brown graduated from Cedar Springs, he was killed in Iraq in 2005. The community came together and raised money. This was spearheaded by family, so it's a real shame to have items like this stolen", says Sgt. Jason Kelley with the KCSD.

Police say Skinner Field was broken into, with the vandals causing extensive damage. Other larcenies to vehicles have been reported in the area as well.

People are reminded to remove any valuables from vehicles and to lock all doors.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Kent County Sheriff's Department at 616-632-6100.